What are Junior Forest Wardens?
Junior Forest Wardens are everyone who loves the outdoors!

The Airdrie Junior Forest Warden program is an outdoor-oriented club that is designed to develop awareness, appreciation and respect for our natural environment, and the responsible use of it.

Club activities are planned around the four foundations of the JFW program:

Junior Forest Wardens is open to children between the ages of 6-18 years.  While this is the official age group, the whole family is encouraged to participate. Club functions, outings and meetings are open to Wardens, parents, siblings and relatives.  Parental involvement is not only strongly encouraged, but appreciated. Junior Forest Wardens are grouped by age into four categories:

These successful outdoor clubs are run by a group of enthusiastic volunteers whose children are now, or were involved in the Airdrie Junior Forest Wardens. In fact Junior Forest Wardens is so successful in Airdrie there are 2 clubs to choose from, the Hawks meet on Tuesday nights and the Wolves meet on Wednesdays.

Junior Forest Wardens is not only a local club, but it is also a provincial and national organization.  Wardens can experience opportunities beyond the club level through provincial activities such as camp-outs and conferences.

Support and administration of the Junior Forest Wardens program is carried out by the Alberta Junior Forest Warden Association (AJFWA).

Join the Adventure!